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Richmond Hill/Bryan County Area Statistical Information

Richmond Hill/Bryan County Economic Profile

* in millions
Per Capita Income
Health (County)
13 MD's.
5 Dentists.
Bryan County Health Department operates branch facility one day a week.
1 nursing home (64 beds).
3 medical office complexes.
1 EMS station.
1 assisted living retirement complex.
3 hospitals with 1170 beds, 11 nursing homes with 1264 beds, and a State Regional Mental Hospital in Savannah.
Commercial Services
Communications. Local newspapers: 2 weeklies: the Bryan County News, and the Richmond Hill News. Dailies delivered: Atlanta Constitution, Savannah Morning News. Five television channels received (cable available in Richmond Hill and most county areas).
Financial Facilities. 1 bank and 1 branch bank with $119 million in assets.
Industrial Support Services. All industrial sites in Richmond Hill are within 20 miles of extensive industrial support services in Savannah.
Public Accommodations. 33 restaurants (largest capacity 140), 9 motels (708 rooms). Meeting room in motel seats 140.
Property. Property taxes are determined by tax rates and assessment ratios which vary by location. The only realistic way to compare property taxes for different locations is to use "effective tax rates" (tax rate multiplied by assessment ratio). Effective tax rates combine city, county, school, and state tax rates into one convenient figure -- the annual tax for each $1000 of property at its fair market value. This rate applies to all property: land, buildings, equipment, and inventory.
Property Located
Within City
Outside City
1995 Effective Rate
Inventory. Bryan County exempts 100% on all classes of certain business inventory from property taxation.
Sales. City and county have 2% local sales tax in addition to 4% state sales tax.
Electricity. A part of Georgia's modern integrated electrical transmission system, Richmond Hill has excellent ability to supply industrial demands. Compared to 47% for the U.S., coal accounts for 84% of fuel used by the state's power generating plants. This assures long-term continuity.
Natural Gas. Available in industrial quantities on both a firm and interruptible basis.
Water. Plant capacity: 2,300,000 gal./day. Consumption:800,000 gal./day average. Source: 3 deep wells. Pumping capacity: 1,645 gal./min.
Sewage. Plant capacity 850,000 gal./day. Plant load: 800,000 gal./ day. New wetland reclamation treatment facility with 1.5 million gal./day capacity under construction. Completion date: October 1997.
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Community Schools. 8 county public schools with 344 teachers, 5,009 students, and 236 high school graduates in 1996. 2 private schools with 173 students in 1996.
Higher Education Technical Institute: Savannah at Savannah (17 miles) has 3,611 students. Sr. College/University: Armstrong Atlantic State University at Savannah (17 miles) with 5,187 students. Savannah State University at Savannah (17 miles) with 2,985 students. Georgia Southern University at Statesboro (43 miles) with 14,000 students. Brewton-Parker College at Mount Vernon (60 miles) with 2,205 students.
Municipal Services
Fire Protection. City and county fire departments have all-volunteer personnel. Fire insurance classification 6.
Police Protection. Richmond Hill has 14 full-time officers and 2 part-time officers. Bryan County Sheriffs Department has 20 full-time and 12 part-time officers.
Garbage. Service provided by the City of Richmond Hill.
Professional Engineer. None.
Zoning. City and county have zoning ordinance and subdivision design standards.
Facilities. 4 tennis courts. 3 softball and baseball fields. 1 jogging trail. 1 football field. 1 public gym. 4 fishing piers. 4 boat ramps. Two 18 hole golf courses with club houses. 2 full-service marinas.
State Park. Richmond Hill State Park (local) with swimming, fishing, camping, water skiing, motor boat.
Public Lake/River. Ogeechee River has swimming, fishing, camping, water skiing, motor boating. Intracoastal waterway & Atlantic Ocean provide water sports and year round recreation.
Scenic Attractions. Fort McAllister Historic Site and Museum, best preserved earthen forts of the Confederacy withstood heavy naval bombardments before falling to Sherman's Union troops in December 1864 and a deciding factor in surrender of Savannah. Fort tours and Civil War Museum annual Civil War Reenactments (Memorial Day and Labor Day). Reenactment of siege of Fort McAllister, "The End of Sherman's March to the Sea." Historic Downtown Savannah.
Tours. Henry Ford Kindergarten Building Museum. Henry Ford Driving Tour (85,000 acres containing 292 residential and commercial buildings, including Ford's winter home, Richmond Hill, for which the city is named.
Motor Freight Carriers. 1 interstate. 24 inter/intrastate.
Rail. Norfolk Southern piggyback service at Savannah (17 miles), CSX rail service at Richmond Hill (local). CSX piggyback service at Savannah (17 miles).
Water. Nearest navigable river: Savannah (9 foot channel depth) with a public barge dock at Savannah (17 miles). Nearest seaport: Savannah (17 miles) with a maintained channel depth of 42 feet.
Air. Nearest commercial air service: Savannah (17 miles). Airlines: Air South, Delta, Midway, U.S. Air, ValueJet. Nearest public airport at Savannah (17 miles). 9,000 foot bituminous runway. Services and navigational aids: aircraft tiedown, airframe & power plant repair, hanger, lighted runway, VOR, ILS, NDB, ASR.

Source: GEORGIA - The State of Business Today, Publication Date: December 6, 1996, Georgia Department of Industry, Trade and Tourism, P.O. Box 1776, Atlanta, GA 30301

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